Does the Blue Twitter Bird Have a Name?

by Paul Wilson


The same little blue bird has been Twitter’s mascot for over four years. During that time Twitter has not made any official statement to whether or not their bird has a name. Some people have taken upon themselves to come up with names on their own. Such as David Lanham, of Iconfactory, who named the bird “Ollie.”

However, there is a tweet from the Twitter account which refers to the blue bird’s first name as Larry.  Interestingly enough, Larry quite possibly has a middle and last name as well.

On Quora I discovered a humorous reason (one I feel has merit) to why the blue Twitter bird is called Larry, and a hint to his full name. Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, is from the Boston area and [dramatic pause for effect] yep, you guessed it [another dramatic pause for those who didn’t guess it] he is a basketball fan.

Larry Bird, Most Likely the Inspiration for the Twitter bird's name

A Celtic fan to be exact. So, word on the street is that the full given name of the beloved icon is Larry T. Bird (or what his mother calls him when he is in trouble—Larry Twitter Bird). Yet, I think Larry might have been a tad different had Biz Stone been a basketball enthusiast from Seattle. ~Paul W.

WNBA Seattle Storm Player Sue Bird

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