SEO Friday

by Paul Wilson


m&m_friday When I quit Oracle I thought I would be blogging more. I felt that I would have the whole day to myself, and that I could blog all that I wanted. How very wrong I was!

Running your own company keeps you very, very busy. At Oracle if

I didn’t finish my work there was always tomorrow. As an entrepreneur it seems that everything needed to be done yesterday and that there is no tomorrow.

With this in mind, I am going to try to create a new tradition to keep me blogging—SEO Friday. I once heard about a company doing M&M Friday when they first started out. The owner couldn’t afford anything expensive, so every Friday he bought several large bags of M&Ms for his employees enjoyment. When the company grew bigger M&M Friday’s turned into a much more elaborate tradition of day long excursions and luncheons, but the name M&M Friday stuck (if anyone knows what company this is please let me know).

Being a true-blue-died-in-the-wool web marketer my M&Ms are SEO tidbits I’ve found throughout the week. There seems to be a large ebb and flow of dialogue on web marketing with my friends and associates throughout the week that never make it here on my blog.

So, SEO Friday’s won’t be in depth posts, but rather snidbits of information that hopefully will be helpful in your online adventures. Also, if you have any suggestions or want to add to SEO Friday just let me know. ~Paul W.

SEO FRIDAY – This site has a google page rank of 6 and I can see why. They have a great page on page ranking tools that I’ve found invaluable. They also have a free SEO tools page that is amazing. Here’s the tools you find on this page: – This is a real estate blog company, but it is also a good site for blogging and marketing tips in general. Lately, a friend of mine and I have been very keen on the subject of building back links. There is a really good post on back linking, it’s a bit antiquated (almost a year old), but I still found some very good information on the subject. – What’s the point of building a back link campaign if you don’t have a way to track it. I really like this site, because it will show you every site that links to your site—even if you have thousands of links. Pretty impressive, huh! I also like it because it shows you if the sites have nofollows or other little nuances you should know about.

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