Business Blogging An Essential Tool For Web Traffic.

by Paul Wilson


771215_low.jpgLast Friday I spoke at the Davis Applied Technology College on business blogging. Afterwards, a reporter from the Davis Clipper interviewed me. Here’s his full article.

Unfortunately, Janet had some important things come up and was unable to assist me with the presentation. So for an entire hour 20 small business owners listened to me preach and prophecy about blogging and its future.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the blogosphere that I forget that blogging might be quite daunting for many. For your benefit I thought that I would share a few questions that I fielded at my presentation. These were questions that I didn’t think to cover in to my presentation. Hope you find them helpful.

Q: How do I get the keywords into my URL for my blog post?
A: This is a really good question. Many bloggers overlook the fact that they can add a keyword rich slug to their url. This is done by changing your permalink in order to show your post title in your URL. To do this you need to login into your word press back office and click on Options. Below Options a list will show up. Click on Permalink. You will have four options in creating your permalink. For all my blogs I have the “custom” option selected. If you select the custom permalink put this in the custom structure: /%postname%/

Q: What’s the most important aspect of business blogging?
A: Consistency! I am particularly bad at this with my own blog, but with my clients I tell them you cannot afford to not have at least one post per day. The more you post the more traffic you will drive to your site. Google is a slave to content, and you will become Google’s master if you post often and consistently.

Q: What are some business blogging tips that you see most professional blogs miss?
A: Tying your categories to your keywords and then linking your keywords to your categories. When you are spidered by search engines you will send the bots to sections of your site that have a plethora of content. Thus, showing the search engines that you should be ranked higher on these key terms.

Q: How do I get started?
A: The answer to this question really depends on how technical you are. If you have a basic understanding of servers (or know someone that does) then I would start by adding word press to your website. I personally am a fan of DreamHost’s One Click Install with Word Press. Literally, in minutes I can have word press up and going. So, see what your host has to offer you. If this is not your cup of tea than I recommend using word press’s free version and linking to your website. However, recently Janet has had her old blog completely deleted off of word press without warning or explanation. Sometimes it pays to put down a little extra money to get it done professionally.

Q: What are the negative aspects of blogging?
A: The answer to this question really varies. However if you have been keeping up with the news you will have seen several CEOs get their hands slapped for the blogs they write. A blog propagates much quicker through the web than an ordinary website. With this being the case if you do something stupid be prepared to have an overflow of criticism from the blogosphere. However, I think the biggest negative aspect of blogging is not doing it correctly. You can get a lot of benefits for your company if you optimize and focus on SEO writing.

I know that this isn’t very comprehensive, but these were the questions that were asked. Hope this helps. ~Paul W.

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