Internet Marketing: SEO Friday

by Paul Wilson


SEO_sandbox.jpgThis is my second post for SEO Friday. You may have noticed that in these posts I offer anchored text to those who contribute. If you desire an anchored text link to your site please send over to me some of your favorite SEO tips. I also provide SEO tips that I discovered on my own. If I highlight your site or tool please contact me and let me know what keywords you would like anchored in my posts. ~Paul W.

SEO Presentation – I’ve attached a power point presentation from Google engineer Matt Cutts. Matt’s presentation is decent and offers some great suggestions on how to better SEO your blog. I wish I could find the audio or video. If anyone has suggestions let me know.

Page Rank Table – This was sent to me from my friend at I am not sure where he got it from, but it makes for interesting conversation. I was recently discussing with another friend on whether Google’s page ranking is more a vanity tool now than what it was originally designed for. Either way, I’ve learned to never second guess the Google gods. If they are still using it, I will also.


Backlink Builder – Ryan at (this is a Utah SEO company) showed me this gem. Basically, this tool, by, is a great resource in finding sites using certain keywords that allow you to submit your site. If you are doing link campaign this is a must!

Backlink Builder
Enter Keyword (Theme)

Number of Results per Category Display

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