Search Engine News: Google—A God or My First Born’s Name?

by Paul Wilson


Google is God

My business partner, Janet Meiners, recently did a post on Marketing Pilgrim that talked about a new religion—Googlism. Of course, this is a spoof done by Google, nonetheless, I felt it gave an adequate portrayal of Google’s popularity.

A while ago, I was so enamored with Google, and their superiority as a company that I wanted to name my first born Google DotCom Wilson. If it was a boy I was going to call him Goog, and if a girl Dotty—pathetically geeky, I know.

First, I am certain, no woman, after carrying a child for nine months, would allow a man to do this. Second, no man should be permitted to be a father if he is willing to subject his child to a lifetime of relentless teasing and persecution.

I truthfully cannot tell you what possessed me, even for a short while, to think this would be okay. I often found myself telling people that it is a rare day that you could write a press release about the birth of your child. Looking back on these words my only defense is that I must of been possessed by the evil marketing demon, a demon that plagues even the best of us.

I recently read an article about an Australian couple who wanted to name their son 4real. However, the government put a stop it. The couple put on the birth certificate Superman, but planned on still calling the newborn 4real. Which gave me the thought of how I could still placate my future wife with an ordinary vanilla name, but be able to slip in the nickname of Goog or Dotty…. hmm, this idea doesn’t seem as good of a press release ūüėČ.

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