Internet Marketing: SEO Friday

by Paul Wilson


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Google Analytics – I actually found this plugin a few weeks ago, and implemented it into my blog. It’s quite nice because it automatically generates your tracking code for every post you create. Before installing Google Analytics I used the BAStats and found it to be buggy and rather inaccurate. So far I have been quited please with Google Analytics. However, there are many of you out there that prefer that Google doesn’t know your stats. I am told that HitWise provides a good analytics package.

Keyword Density – Last week I found a tool that spidered your site and came back with your keyword density. However, it had one major drawback—it only showed single words. Having a tool that shows keyword density on single words AND phrases would be quite helpful. Therefore, I was excited when I found such a tool at There is one glitch that I am not quite sure how to get past. When I did a query for this blog I found that the number 8217 showed at the top of all my lists. In case you are wondering the number 8217 is computer language for apostrophe. Yet, it’s not such a glitch that I wouldn’t use the tool. Bonus: Listen to their Internet Marketing Song Anchored Text: Internet Marketing Services

Keyword Suggestions – As you might have guessed from the last few SEO Fridays’ I do a lot of keyword analysis reports. Truly, if I can find tools that make this job quicker I am all for it. One site that is extremely helpful is From their site: “This is a free and unique keyword suggestion tool. Its helps you determine which keywords to focus on. Focusing on highly search keywords with low competition is always the best market strategy. This tool was created to help website understand their market. Its helpful to those who focus on search engine optimization or Google Adwords, or simply both.” Enjoy! Anchored Text: Free Keyword Position Reports

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