The Plague of Being A Small Business

by Paul Wilson


Recently a company contacted me about my consulting services. After talking with the president of the company I realized that the this business was doomed to stay as a small business. The main problem was that the company didn’t understand the concept of calculated risk.

After working for years with small businesses I’ve learned several things that stop businesses from growing. I once heard a millionaire state that if you are not growing you are dying.

So how do you keep your company growing? Great question, and the right answer would be continual sales and marketing. I know that this seems basic, but it surprises me how many companies don’t realize that these two elements are the blood of the company.

Since I specifically specialize on marketing I see how a lot of small businesses royally mess this up. Case in point would be this company. They are willing to spend a great amount of money on furnishing an office that no one comes to, but struggle paying $200 for a press release. To me the press release is an investment and the furniture is a waste.

I also see the type of company that is too concerned about their finances to spend money on marketing. This in my opinion just perpetuates the problem of staying a small company. Granted, I am well aware that you can do a lot of marketing without money, but this can carry you only so far.

Sometimes, small businesses owners should pull out a personal loan to help him or her with their future goals. Again, it is a lot easier to do this if you look at the personal loan as an investment and not a debt. If your marketing is done correctly you should turn a decent profit. However, this is rarely achieved if you don’t take the plunge!

Well, that’s it for my ranting. Success generally comes to those who are truly willing to sacrifice in the beginning.

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