32 Halloween Costumes for Internet Marketing Geeks

by Paul Wilson


“I knew I’d arrived when I saw people dressing up on Halloween as my character.” ~Jane Badler

Saturday my family and I went to a Halloween party/dinner. However, at 1pm we were still having troubles trying to decide what to go as. A few web searches showed that there are some ambitious and creative people out there when it comes to Halloween costumes.

This got me thinking, and I started typing in Internet marketing costumes ideas. I was surprised (and probably shouldn’t have been) to see that marketing geeks truly show their love for their industry come Halloween. Below are the top family friendly costumes I found that will bring out the web geeky kid in all of us.

Have a great Halloween! ~Paul W

P.S. Lindsey and I ended up going as a Priest and Devil. I hope with a year advance notice I may be able to talk my wife into one of these costumes Ü.

Google Serp

Google Instant

Bing (the best picture I could find)

Matt Cutts (or the negative space of Matt)


Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO


Duplicate Content

Article Marketing

Google Adwords

Mobile Marketing

Google Bot


Google Chrome



Larry the Twitter Bird

Twitter Fail Whale



The Panda Update

Here are 10 more ideas that I couldn’t find images for but would make great costumes.

  • Bing – I know I have MicroHoo as the Bing picture above, but I was genuinely surprised to see the lack of costumes for bing. I am guessing we will see more next year.
  • Robots.txt – I am not sure how you can make this look different from a regular robot costume, but maybe someone can turn a filing cabinet into a robot and say it is a Robot text “file.”
  • Internet Explorer – Personally, I am not surprised that I couldn’t find any images for Internet Exploder.
  • WordPress – Being a huge fan boy for wordpress I can see my self being this next year.
  • Safari Browser – For those Mac lovers out there, pull yourself away from the iPhone costumes and use that Mac creativity to display a Safari browser costume.
  • Squidoo – A gaint squid!
  • Google Sandbox – I can see this being a really easy costume. Get a large kitty litter box, cut a hole in it big enough to get around you and fill up with sand. Finally, print off the Google logo and put it into the sandbox.
  • Roger MozBot – Someone NEEDS to do this costume!
  • 301 Redirect – Another easy costume. Just get a traffic sign  and paint 301 redirect on it with a U-turn symbol.
  • Unique C Blocks – Not really sure how to do this one but the true geeks of us would really appreciate it.


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