Internet Marketing: SEO Friday

by Paul Wilson


All Knowing GoogleWhat is SEO Friday?

I spent a little time this morning going through an ebook written in 2002. The main premise of the ebook was a list of 100 websites that you probably didn’t know about but should. I went through all 100 sites and learned that over half the sites no longer existed. It was sad too, many of the sites had great ideas. Yet, alas, the abandon dreams that have littered the Internet over the last five years is vast.

This morning’s surfing adventures helped me realize the importance of SEO Friday. Five years ago SEO was quite different than what we have today. Many of the black hat tactics of today were gaining serious momentum and popularity not to long ago (cloaking comes to mind).

I know the tools and tips I share with you in this post and others will most likely be worthless in a matter of a year (possible months). Therefore, I hope this little weekly post will help you keep up with the trends of today, and show you what to toss from the hype of yesterday. Again, if you know any free SEO tools, tips, or websites let me know and I will share some anchored link love √ú. ~Paul W.

Google vs Yahoo – I actually am surprised that this is the first time I’ve highlighted anything from I honestly don’t know any SEO website that offers more free tools than these guys. Here’s a tool that I really like of theirs. Basically, what it does is offer you a visual on how keywords rank with Google and Yahoo. They do a good job connecting the dots ūüėČ. Anchored Text: SEO Tools

Keyword Research – I know that I have inundated you with keyword research tools. I also know that I have shared quite a bit of Aaron Wall’s tools. However, when a tool is this good it must be shared. I actually found it after my business partner installed a firefox plugin on my laptop that shows you what people are paying for PPC. That’s another really cool tool but I don’t know where you go to download it (you want to help us out here Janet). Anchored Text: SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO Tools – I almost didn’t add this tool to the today’s list, due to the excessive ad clutter all over the website. However, they had so many simple but useful tools that it’s worth going to the site and blocking out the page garbage (tip: all tools are found beneath the fold). Anchored Text: SEO Tools

URL Rewriting – Another great tool from webconfs. This tool helps you convert dynamic URLs into static looking html URLs. There takes some tweaking to your linux server, but this really could be useful to some sites. Anchored Text: Create Search Engine Friendly URLs

Page Analysis – This webpage analyzer reads the page you specify, and then put it through a few basic tests to see if the page qualifies as ‘search-engine-friendly’ for the keyword phrase specified. This is a real simple test, but often I will over look the simple stuff when optimizing my sites. Anchored Text: Webmaster Toolkit

Cheap Logos – This isn’t a SEO or Internet marketing tool, but I found this site when I was going through the 100 domains this morning. This site does logos for $25, and I thought I was getting a good deal for $40 a logo! Anchored Text: Custom Logo Designs

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