Tonight’s Blogging Class

by Paul Wilson


Did a free blogging class tonight with Janet. It was a small group in a woman’s home but it was a lot of fun. It always amazes me how the older generation really tries to learn this new technology. I struggle at times trying to understand the avalanche of information we get through cyber space and I grew up with it! Kudos to those that never give up improving themselves.

A thought which came to me tonight while teaching was why blogging has become so popular and important to the web. Content for the Internet is as important as water for the body, without either of these elements both entities will shrivel up and die. The more content we have the healthier our Internet is. That is why I have become a blogging evangelist. In the short time I’ve been blogging I have gotten my Mom, cousin, missionary friend, roommate, and several friends to either setup blogs or think about doing it (I’m still working on the thinking crowd).

I also recognize the importance of blogging offline. This is done by creating friend networks where we get together to learn from each other or to gain insight into someone’s expertise. This idea was given to me by Rob Merrill, who I met the other day. His idea was much more elaborate (which I won’t blog about), but basically his concept was offline blogging. I don’t think we do this enough. In the old days, before the teli, people would sit on their porches watching the sun set and blogged with their friends and family. They just never called it blogging, they called it enjoying life!

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