Guy Kawasaki’s Blogosphere

by Paul Wilson


Guy Kawasaki.jpgYesterday I went to hear Guy Kawasaki speak in Salt Lake City. It is the first time I’ve heard him speak, and I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation—even with all the microphone technical difficulties.

While we were waiting for the presentation to start two guys behind me were talking about an easy way to crack an iPhone. If you go to on your iPhone the website will instantly hack the phone and open up the network. I have yet to be an adapter to the iPhone but that advice was well worth the $10 I payed for the conference (not to mention Guy’s fun presentation).

I was going to give you my notes on Guy’s power point but you can get the whole presentation by emailing mary-louise at Plus, if you want to know about the books he recommended you can go to my business partner’s blog and see Guy’s suggestions.

The one thing I want to comment on is Guy’s perception of the blogosphere. You could tell he is a bit bitter. He has recently launched a service called When he launched it he received heavy criticism from bloggers due to the people who spammed his network. What Guy took from this experience was that all bloggers were either 16 year old boys or 45 year old men who both lived with their parents.

This is obviously a bitter perspective mingled with Guy’s sense of humor. I honestly think Guy should use this jaded thinking and turn it into a marketing ploy. He should write an article about the blogosphere comprising of nothing but insecure men who sit at home in their underwear criticizing innovative thinkers. I am sure if this is done right he could use the same medium he despises and perpetuate his ideas through the web.

Just a random thought. Anyway, if someone wanted to actually be nice to Guy they could write a Wikipedia page on him. I am astounded that there isn’t one.

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