Is This The Real Guy Kawasaki?

by Paul Wilson


I just posted on Guy Kawasaki and how he feels picked on with the blogosphere. While I was looking for a picture of Guy for my last post I came across something very interesting.

As you see below there are three pictures of Guy. However, if you look closely to the first two pictures you will see that they are actually the same. In exhibit (1) is the “Guy” you meet in person, and exhibit (2) is the “Guy” you meet on the web. It’s obvious that someone had a fun time photoshopping Guy. I made an exhibit (3) to reveal all the cyber changes Guy has undergone.

I noticed that the picture displayed on Guy’s blog is the photoshopped version. It kind of reminds me of the Dove Campaign8) ~Paul W.

Exhibit (1) – The Real Guy

Exhibit (2) – The Web Guy

Guy Kawasaki Fake

Exhibit (3) – The Changes

The Changes

1. Removal of freckles
2. Whitening of smile
3. Clearer eyes
4. Removal of lines

P.S. This isn’t a mean spirited post by any means. I just found it amusing how we will go to great lengths to not look like our true selves.

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