Five Ways To Use Twitter For Business

by Paul Wilson


TwittertwitterLately I have been pondering on the existence of Twitter. Truthfully, my first introduction to Twitter was quite pessimistic. I figured it to be the web’s version of reality television. It was just another tool that made it possible for us to follow people’s rather boring lives.

Several years ago this impression was identical to my feelings on blogging . It wasn’t until blogging stormed the business arena that I opened my eyes and mind to the unlimited possibilities. The geniuses of this mentality is also forming with Twitter. However, I don’t think currently Twitter has quite the luster that blogging has towards business and monetization.

Yet, I am certain that this will change and quickly. Below are five possible ways on how you can use Twitter for your own business. If anyone has actual stories of how they made money or used Twitter for their business please let me know. ~Paul W.

1. Communication Stream – This probably seems the most obvious. Twitter by nature is a communication stream. I could see businesses using Twitter to keep customers informed about the latest happenings of the company. I also read that Scoble “tweeted” the OpenSocial press conference yesterday. Talk about getting the news real time!

2. Marketing tool – Yet another fairly obvious suggestion. Twitter would be great in sending out affiliate links and product announcements. If you have a strong enough following you could even use Twitter to do a site or product launch. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see companies paying twitterers (I think that word works) who have large networks to make company announcements for them.

3. People Pinging – Blogging software was developed with a built in ping system. Every time you write a post your software sends out a ping to inform the search engines of new content. I use this same concept with Twitter, but I ping people. In fact, until recently this was the only thing I used Twitter for. People pinging also works really well when you want people to digg or bookmark your posts. I’ve received the most diggs when I have invited those following me on Twitter to read and digg my post. (Take a look at to begin to understand the power of people pinging)

4. Forward Tweets – This idea I stole from the forwarded emails that propagate throughout the web. Think of something cool and then twitter your friends asking them to twitter their friends and so on and so on. You might not get the reach of a forwarded email but there is no doubt you could drive some real traffic if your idea is unique enough.

5. Mass Journalism – Michael Krigsman has a post about the secret OpenSocial press conference between Scoble and his 7,000 users on Twitter. Scoble didn’t just share what was going on with the press conference, he relayed questions from his Twitter network to the Google executives. Now that is power! Twitter has and will continue to revolutionize journalism. No longer is the press an exclusive “good old boys’ club.”

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