Corporate SEO Salaries

by Paul Wilson


Yesterday, I was a guest speaker for a university Social Media class. The teacher wanted me to cover SEO and left the specific subject wide open. I chose to present part of the “Importance of SEO” slide deck which I often give to business owners. I also covered the basics of SEO and finished with the main strategy I use to compete on difficult keywords.

The students are in the MBA program and I wished I had shared with them the below infographic by Onward Search. Not all, but most of my MBA friends are hyper focused on the corporate world, and seeing the pay spectrum of corporate SEO jobs might have been helpful.

As it was, I think my presentation fell kind of flat with them. I didn’t manage my time wisely and had to rush through some technical areas, which was a mistake. Several students eyes slowly glossed over from disconnect, and I swear I could almost see the reflection in their bored glossy eyes of the solitary game they were playing on their laptop!

SEO Salaries

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