The Heroes and Villains of the Internet [Infographic]

by Paul Wilson


“I don’t want you with me! I don’t need you! I don’t need anybody! With my strength — my power — the world is mine!” ~The Incredible Hulk

As a kid I loved all the super hero comics, and now, thanks to Hollywood, I can relive them through the movies. Yet, it is even more fun when cartoonist Caldwell Tanner from the College Humor fame turns Internet companies into these same heroes and villains.

Below you will see heroes like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and several others showcasing their unique Internet powers. Unfortunately, I feel that Caldwell has left out some important heroes/villains and some iconic Internet sites. If I were an illustrator I would add them, but alas that is not one of my super powers.

So, at the end of this post I have written up a few ideas of some additional heroes who should be added to the league. I will try to convince some of my super hero illustrator friends to draw them up.


YouTube (patterned after Flash)

Description: A video analyst who dons a red suit of speed, overpowers viewers with videos of Christmas decorated kittens.
Powers: The gripping addiction issues aside, Youtube is capable of hosting millions of videos which run faster and faster with the aid of Mega Hero Google’s power.
Nemesis: Vimeo (looks like Professor Zoom)

Twitter (patterned after Black Canary)

Description: A beautiful geekish girl who, in short bursts, has sonic screams which penatrates the public conscious.
Powers: Can generate positive and meaningful influences and links in less than 140 characters. However can degenerate into a steaming pile of public meltdown, which is subsequently followed by deleted tweets and public apologies.
Nemesis: Facebook & Google Plus

Techcrunch (patterned after Steel – John Henry Irons)

Description: Technology genius with the insight to read and influence the minds of Silicon Valley’s citizen’s.
Powers: Techcrunch has no superhuman abilities; however, he is an extraordinary inventor and engineer, and wears a suit of powered armor which grants him flight, enhanced strength, and endurance. However, Techcrunch’s influence has waned since becoming paraplegic due to an encounter with AOL, snapping its founding principals like a twig.
Nemesis: Mashable

Other Possibilities

  • as the Atom
  • Wikipedia as Oracle
  • Linkdin as Maxwell Lord
  • IMDb as Booster Gold
  • GoDaddy as Fire
  • The Pirate Bay as Anarky
  • Archive as Bloodwynd

*Disclaimer: I have pulled some descriptions from comments found on other blog posts about this topic.

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