A New Solution To Buying And Selling Links

by Paul Wilson


One Way LinksRecently, I have become a junkie of the forums on Digital Point. As an internet marketer I have found the services and people who use Digital Point to be quite helpful in becoming better at my trade.

One service that I discovered on Digital Point is a new company called TNX.net. What made me stop and checkout this service was their promise for free text link ads (this link will take you to the Digital Point post).

Currently, I am undergoing the task of improving MyMarketer’s search engine ranking, and I have looked at a lot of solutions. In my searching I have learned that there are many things you can do to improve your search engine rankings. However, as an Internet marketer ultimately I know that one-way links are chief among all. If you can have thousands of one-way links you are most likely going to rank quite highly, and possibly even in the coveted top 10 spots.

Understanding this, I looked at TNX in depth. What I found is that a first glance at the TNX site, you see it is not very clear. So, hopefully my notes on their services will be helpful to you.

TNX takes a unique angle over the other text link sites. Their service use a point system as a payment method. You can actually earn points to use in buying links, but also you can get people to buy links on your own site. Initially, I thought this might not be as profitable when trying to sell links for my site. However, I actually noticed several advantages with this system:

1) Higher Volume – With TNX using a point service, it is easier for you to reinvest points earned into buying your own ads on other sites. The secret here lies in the ease of both earning and spending points. Due to this ease there is a much higher volume of transactions which means a higher chance of selling your links.

2) Transferable Points – Points can easily be transferred to another user without limit. You can buy a review from another user using yourTNX points, or you can use it as a way to pay the bet you lost on who will win the political primaries–who knows.

3) Earnings – Points can actually be redeemed for cash but it’s not very much (1,000 points per 65 cents). The rate increases over time, but as you can see it doesn’t encourage you to trade your points in. I am guessing it is encouraging users to reinvest points back into the system.

4) Buying Links – If you decide to use your points to buy links, you’ll notice a few things. One thing is that the link purchasing system doesn’t let you choose where you want your links to show up on another site. You do have control over category, language, PageRank, and Yahoo!backlink preferences. It seems that TNX is doing this in order to assist you in building backlinks from relevant sites of a certain PageRank. This of course, in turn, boosts your own PageRank.

You currently get 2,000 points for posting on the Digital Point thread I mentioned earlier (the thread was started in September, 2007 so I don’t know how much longer TNX will be doing this). You will also earn an additional 5,000 points once your own site gets approved. The 7,000 points is a whopping total of $5. For you affiliate geeks you can use TNX’s affiliate program to get points for referring others to sign-up. You earn up to 5% of whoever signs up on their point revenue.

So, there are my notes on TNX. Overall, it looks like a valid system, and I will definitely investigate it further. I know TNX is fairly new, but if anyone else wants to assist me in further checking it out, please let me know. ~Paul W.

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