Pet Peeve Marketing

by Paul Wilson


Okay, I go back and forth on this style of marketing. Last night I found a website called This was a free site that had just about every movie and tv series for one to watch. I showed it to some friends and we were all trying to figure out how this was legal if it was in the United States. I was so fascinated by the website that I shared it with a lot of friends and family.

Well, I just got a call from my brother asking what happened to the site I had showed him last night. Now when you go to it’s a paid subscription. I am all about subscription websites, but I have to say I am bugged when they don’t give you a sense of urgency or call to action. It’s one thing to state that this site is free for a limited time, and it’s a whole different enchilada to mimic a free site so to get people addicted and then to switch. That’s too much like being a drug dealer, give your addict a free taste and once he or she is hooked charge them for everything they’ve got.

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