Where My Blogging is Going

by Paul Wilson


I have been rather quiet here on MyMarketer. It’s not that I have given up on blogging or all the beauty that goes along with it. Rather I have my head somewhere else.

A while back my longtime friend and online pr expert, Janet Thaeler, and I decided to dive into Pinterest and understand how businesses can utilize the tidal wave of traffic that it generates.

We started PinnableBusiness.com, which is a blog that focuses on our obsession with Pinterest for Business. We also created a free Pinterest tool called PinAlerts.com, which is a web service that sends alerts, via email, when a website receives new pins on Pinterest.

From these endeavors we have been asked to speak and write about all things Pinterest. We were even featured  in Mashable, with an infographic around PIO (Pinterest Image Optimization), which was a concept that stemmed from my SEO background.

So, my Pinterest fascination has pulled me away from here. I still hope to blog occasionally on MyMarketer, but I have decided if there is any content I want to create  that has to do with Pinterest I will post in PinnableBusiness.com. Right now, that is everything.

I promise I won’t totally abandon my long time followers on here, but I do encourage to check out what Janet and I are doing. Hope to see you there, and feel free to follow my personal Pinterest boards. ~Paul

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