Using Social Media in the High Schools

by Paul Wilson


Today I presented to a group of high school business teachers. My presentation was focused on three possible scenarios teachers could use when utilizing social media in the classroom.

The main problem I focused on was how the school district blocks most social media websites on their networks. There are very real and obvious reasons why schools are aggressively not allowing these sites (which I highlighted a few). Yet, it is apparent that the collective “we” is becoming more and more dependent on digital communication and schools are beginning to have discussions on how to safely inject social media into their curriculum.

I spent significant time researching this presentation, and gained an appreciation for the challenges high school teachers face. Once things calm down in my life I have plans to break apart my presentation into a series of blog posts that dive more into this topic.

Until then I have embedded below the prezi presentation I used today. Hopefully, it will be of some use to the many diligent teachers who are working tirelessly to prepare this future generation for the social digital age that is upon us.

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