3 Marketing Lessons from Top Retail Brands on Facebook

by Janet Thaeler


Editor’s note: This is a short guest post from my old friend Janet Thaeler a PR and Social Media genius. Read more from Janet at her blog, Newspapergirl, or follow her on Twitter.

Do you manage Facebook campaigns? Here are a some quick tips to help increase your level of engagement, so more of your fans see and interact with the content you post.

Don’t Launch your Facebook Campaign on a Friday

According to a 3-month study by YesMail Interactive (and reported by VentureBeat) 20 major brands were  looked at, “including Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, J Crew, and Forever 21.” They found that for higher engagement, don’t launch a new marketing campaign when everyone else does. Friday is the most popular day to launch a new marketing campaign on Facebook, but Tuesday is better.

Launch Less Campaigns, Get Higher Engagement

Another finding is that you can have more success by doing fewer (rather than more) campaigns. For better results, coordinate your launch on multiple platforms—Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and email (and launch less rather than more campaigns). The brands that had half the campaigns had the most engagement. They were Ann Taylor, The Limited, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, and Banana Republic (I recommend studying what their campaigns for insights into your own efforts).

Post in the Evening, not During Work Hours

Another point from the study is that the least-popular times to start a campaign on Facebook brought the most engagement. The most effective time was between 10PM – 12AM Eastern.

These are general tips—be sure to test what works best for your audience. For further insights, download this whitepaper from Momentus Media. It’s packed with insights from analyzing the top 20,000 Facebook Pages.

Janet Thaeler is an internet marketer and writer specializing in SEO online press releases and online PR. She is the author of I Need a Killer Press Release, Now What???, and the companion DVD “Killer Online Press Releases (both available on Amazon).” She consults for a variety of clients and works as the social media consultant for OrangeSoda.

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