Wikipedia & Amazon take on Search Engine Giants Yahoo and Google

by Paul Wilson


An interesting fight is about to take place in our own web backyard. Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, announced at a news conference in Tokyo that Wikia—the commercial arm of the popular Wikipedia—is going to aggressively pursue the search engine market.

What makes this fight even more interesting is that Wikia has received a “very large investment” from the popular bookselling company, according to Reuters. This unique partnership should make the powerhouse search engines, like Google and Yahoo, a bit concerned.

In Wales news conference he particularly pointed out that Yahoo’s and Google’s techniques “may be a little antiquated now.” His statement was to show how a community collaborated effort is going to revolutionize the Internet as we know it.

What does this mean to you and me? Well, whenever another big boy decides to mark his turf on an already defined market we as the consumer generally benefit. Therefore, expect to be wowed by some amazing fireworks in the search engine industry—most likely at the cost of Yahoo and Google!

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