The Type of Marketing Unicorns You Want

by Paul Wilson


Unicorn art by SilverGryphon8 (labeled for reuse and modifications in Google Image Search)

I am in the middle of building a marketing team for my company and it’s hard to not have the mindset to go after the mythical unicorn (the best of the best) to fill the different positions. I created this meme as a reminder of the type of unicorns I should be looking for.

They do exist but they’re not what I usually think of as a unicorn. They’re not necessarily pretty (the perfect career), but they’re determined to get the job done and get it done well. They work hard, they’re hungry to grow, and they can be directed. Most importantly they don’t see themselves as a unicorn.

I’ll take rhinoceros any day over unicorns (more on that in future posts).

marketing unicorns

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