The Final Post

by Paul Wilson


I have acquired again! Read more about my journey back to my first home—MyMarketer.

sold-paulOn February 27, 2007 I wrote my first blog post for I had finally succumbed to the pressures of my friends to blog, and blog I did. For the next year I lived in the blogosphere. Yet, I not only lived and breathed in this new habitat but I went and proselyted to the blog ignorant. Many converts came from these efforts:,,,,,, and —are just a few of the bloggers that really caught the vision.

However, on February 14, 2008, almost one year later, I sold for an undisclosed amount. The irony of the sale going through on Valentines Day is not lost on me. I don’t think I ever would have sold this work of love if I had not found a greater love in my life. A portion of the money earned on the sale of MyMarketer will go to finance a token of that greater love a.k.a. a wedding ring.

Worry not though, I am not abandoning blogging. Rather just uprooting and changing residences. I own the domain and will be using it to venture off on some web interests I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I still plan on sharing my marketing thoughts with the blogosphere. Yet, now my main focus will be how Twitter and other social mediums can be used as marketing tools.

I thank all my readers for making MyMarketer a true home. I hope to see you at

P.S. Also, keep an eye out for my two other blogs, and, that will be launched in the near future.

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