Benjamin Franklin…The Blogger

by Paul Wilson


In 2005 I heard Paul Allen (the lesser) state that he believed Benjamin Franklin would be a blogger if he lived in our time. Over the years as I have become more enchanted with the blogosphere I have come to believe this more and more.

At the age of 15 “Ben” wrote under the pen name of “Mrs. Silence Dogood,” who Ben painted, through his words, as an opinionated middle-aged widow. The letters were published in his brother’s newspaper, the New England Courant, and became a subject of conversation throughout the town.

I can only image the opinions that Benjamin Franklin would form as a modern day blogger. For me blogging has been a great tool in reaching out to others and sharing my expertises.

In February of 2008 I sold my my professional blog,, to an insurance marketing firm. To be honest, I wish I hadn’t. Over the last six months I felt I have lost my voice.

There were several false starts in trying to find my new voice. I first tried creating a twitter blog but really didn’t have the passion for twitter. Then not to long ago I created a blog like mymarketer, called However, after a few posts I received feedback that the name of the blog was too close to Progressive Insurance.

So, now I have decided to make Eckko my permanent professional blog (Read my update on returning back to MyMarketer) I hope to share my web marketing insights that I have acquired over the last nine years. And like Ben hopefully create a little “Silence Dogood” spot on the web for myself.

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