The Price Tag of Affiliate Marketing

by Paul Wilson


Jared is a  Nutrition & Exercise Consultant, over the last few weeks he has been consulting me on my overall health. Sitting behind a computer most of my days makes it imparative for me to get a hold of my exercise and diet, particularly since my wife demands that I make it to our 50th anniversary. If I am going to live until 80 I am going to have to do more than typing as exercise.

Jared shared with me that his company has an affiliate program that he wants to take advantage of. However, before he jumped into any web marketing strategies he wanted a price tag to share with his wife. When I started internet marketing I wish I had thought to ask this question. So, below is a breakdown of the costs Jared would incur going forward with his company’s affiliate marketing plan.

Domain Name – $10/year. You have two paths you can walk with affiliate marketing. You can either focus on promoting your affiliate link with or without a website. It is possible to be successful without a website, but affiliate marketing is a lot easier when you can control your web eco-system. To begin your website you need to have domain name. However, don’t make the mistake of buying a domain from Network Solutions or These registars have always overcharged for domains.  Be sure to not pay more than $10 a year for your website name. Personally, I use Godaddy to buy a good dot com, but there are many registars that offer inexpensive domains. Note: when deciding on a good domain be sure to try to incorporate your keyword phrase you are trying to rank on. That way if someone links to your website you won’t have to worry about whether they linked to your site with the right anchored text.

Hosting – $120/year. In order to have your website show up on the web you need to host your website somewhere. There are a lot of hosting solutions you can look at but the one I recommend is I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2004, and have been very happy with their services. However, the main reason I stay with them is for what they call their “One Click Installer.” Their One Click Installer has the ability to setup a wordpress blog onto your domain name with great ease. I have setup hundreds of blogs with this function and it has saved me a lot of time. Other hosting services offer similar solutions, but I have become so familiar with Dreamhost that I have no desire to leave them. In fact, when I was doing web development I would charge clients an extra $50 if they used someone other than Dreamhost. It always takes time to figure out a different hosting plan. I cannot really recommend any other hosting company, but here some that seem ot be quite popular: Host Gator, Blue Host, 1and1, Centsi.

Website – $110. One of the biggest mistakes someone new to the web makes is spending too much on building their website. When I say $110 that means the logo, web design, and programming. I plan to write a post that goes more into this, but you can get a very nice looking website for not much over $100. This isn’t common knowledge, but it is a very real possibility—stay tuned.

Content – $3/an article. This cost is optional, but most people fail to continue at this phase of the process, due to how time consuming it is writing the content your self. Unless you absolutely love writing about your topic it is ridiculous to spend hours writing, particularly when you can outsource it for as little as $3.00 per 250 words. Content to Google is like honey to bees. Google can’t get enough of solid, continual, fresh content. If you are able to consistantly provide content you will see your traffic begin to raise more and more from the search engines.

Links – $3/a link. Actually links really vary on cost. I pull the $3 from more of an average than anything else. Also, there are a lot of ways to get links for free, so you really can’t have a hard number on how much links cost. Yet, if you need 500 links to become number one in google on a certain keyword, $3 a link is good estimate of what it might cost. I have seen some people do it completely free, but it again it takes a lot of hard work doing this. Also, keep in mind that Google seriously frowns on link buying. Why, because of how successful it is. Frankly, I feel Google is hypocritical by penalizing websites for link buying, since Google Adwords is exactly that—link buying and selling.

There are a lot of other costs that you can take on with web marketing, like PPC or web advertising, but if you’re doing it straight SEO (which really does bring you more bang for your buck) than these are the hard costs of your SEO operation.

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