Internet Money—An Introduction

by Paul Wilson


A lot of people have been clamoring for me to write the Internet Money series. The genesis for this idea comes from my good friend whom we will call Daniel. Daniel and I have been working closely for the last year on several web marketing projects. Due to Daniel’s success with the Internet a lot of my friends have asked that I focus some of MyMarketer’s efforts on his success.

I do want to make a side note before beginning. I want it crystal clear that the success which Daniel has seen has come from his own efforts. I have given him a little (and I emphasize on little) guidance, but from there he took off and created his own path of success. Daniel’s story truly is a tale of the student becoming the teacher and the teacher becoming the student.

When Daniel and I started on web marketing he was installing air conditioning units in the blistering heat of Las Vegas. However, every morning as he drove to work he would call me and we would discuss marketing at length. Daniel, though, was different than most of my friends who talked to me about marketing—he actually implemented our ideas. In the evening he would put into practice our morning conversations into his different projects. Another thing that made him different from the rest was his passionate, driven desire to find anything and everything on the subject. Daniel is a copious reader and would send me daily emails with the new knowledge he had applied the day before to his websites.

I believe this is the single greatest secret of Daniel’s success. He is a mover; while most people just read or acquire knowledge, Daniel would move on what he learned. Yet, it wasn’t just his ability to move, more accurately, it was his ability to consistently move. I have observed that many people will move but only for a short time—a week, maybe even a month. It’s not long before you soon see their desire to begin to fade, until they completely give up on themselves.

With Daniel, this was not the case. He had an evening ritual, and without fail for months he followed that ritual. Interestingly enough, the ritual only comprised of a few hours each evening, which he did consistently for three to four months. At the end of those three to four months Daniel was making serious money.

Daniel was actually sitting on my living room couch looking at his web stats when he broke his first $200 day. I remember how ecstatic he was. I was also with Daniel when he broke his first thousand, two thousand, and three thousand dollar day. Now, on average, Daniel makes anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 a month on just one website.  Yet, even though he is making in a month what most of us would consider a decent annual salary, he still is setting goals to try to make $10,000 a day.

Through all of Daniel’s success I have been taking notes and also implementing his successful tips. Believe it or not, it does work. I am no way near Daniel’s level, but I am on my way. So, I hope that these lessons are as beneficial to you as they have been to me. Please feel free to ask questions through the comments and hopefully I will, via Daniel’s tips, be able to help you achieve your own financial goals. ~Paul W.

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