The Importance of Business Blogging

by Paul Wilson


Last year I was I asked to speak on business blogging for a Northern Utah chamber of commerce. I was later interviewed by their local newspaper and they did an article on the presentation.

It is interesting reading the article a year later. My thoughts have not changed on how important blogging is to businesses. I feel like I am on a mission to change people’s perspectives of blogging. Most people believe that blogging is online journaling. Over the last several years I have seen how blogging (particularly WordPress) has transformed the internet.

Today on Twitter I came across my friend Ash Buckle’s new blog called: Reason To Blog. The purpose of his blog is to show how blogging can be used successfully to create, brand, and increase website traffic. I tip my hat to Ash for creating an insightful blog. I am always on the hunt for great examples to show people how blogging can be a powerful business tool.

It really is in your best interest to submerge yourself into the blogosphere. Not only will you find extremely helpful business tools but you will also begin to create a strong network that will only further help you get out your message. As I stated to the reporter who interviewed me: “…I think that if a business doesn’t have a blog in the future, it could be like a business not having a Web site today.”

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