PubCon’s Best & Lamest Schwag Award!

by Paul Wilson


The fun thing about going to industry conferences are all the schwag products you get from the exhibitors. I know these companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars to bring us the next cool gizmo or gadget with their business’s name brand on it.

So, to show my gratitude to the corporate dollars this post is specifically to give back the love—or link love—to those companies who gave me free stuff. This post is also about spotlighting the best and worst schwag being handed out here in Vegas. Hopefully, this feedback will assist those seemingly wealthy corporate marketing departments in bringing us cooler and better schwag.


The coolest schwag award goes to LivePerson for handing out USB digital headphones. Their schwag was so cool that I asked if I could have three headphones sets to give to my SEO team back at the office. Good Job Guys!!

Runner-ups: Health Solutions Network (pocket first aid kit), (shot glass), Commission Videos (very functional notepad)


I could understand handing out a pen for schwag, but seriously, who needs a pen and a velvet pen holder! It doesn’t enhance the pen anymore than what it is. Just accept the fact that you cannot out do a USB digital headset schwag and go with just a pen—we all need a pen to write on the back of your business card anyway.

Runner-ups: IdeaLaunch (Plastic container full of promotional crap), LifeTips (wild flowers seeds), (shoe bag).


  • MatchPoint – Ppccpccpl baseball hat
  • Facebook – $50 facebook ads (it seems that the big companies are giving up on creativity)
  • Commission Videos – calculator (their logo is already smearing off)
  • Onward Search – plastic magnify glass
  • Google – $50 Adwords gift Card (seriously, does Google really care if I link to them!!!)
  • SEOMoz – green t-shirt
  • LinkWorth – black t-shirt
  • Text broker – $10 Voucher card to use their service

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