5 (More) Free Websites To Help You With Your Local Search Efforts

by Paul Wilson


I just read a post by Mat Siltala over at Dream Systems Media titled: Free Local Marketing Options That Brings Real Traffic. Mat’s company is launching the social media campaign for my day job, and he is quite the expert in SEM and SMO.

After reading Mat’s article I did some research to see if I could find other great free websites that help with the local search quest. Unlike Mat’s post I do not know if these are great traffic sources or not (which is why I highly recommend reading Mat’s suggestions). However, you never know, you might find a diamond in a pile of coal. So, here is what I discovered:

1. CitySearch – It seems most of the website I found claiming to be a local search engine or directory where scraping CitySearch. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing CitySearch was down. However, I am sure it was just for the ten minutes I tried to access the website, since I’ve seen CitySearch around for years.

2. Insider Pages – When you click on See More Cities on their home page you are directed to a page that shows you the most reviewed cities, with a number next to the city for how many reviews the city has. If you are looking for traffic than I would see if your city falls into a category with a lot of reviews. This shows a good sign of strong community activity. I did check to see if the reviews are indexed, which they are. So, there is SEO value in using Insider Pages as well. FYI, to add your company you have to first sign up.

3. True Local – To be honest this is kind of a ghetto site, particularly since they still show a 2007 copyright right in the middle of their home page. Definitely not a way to build trust. However, I am sure it wouldn’t hurt to see if you can at least get a backlink from them. I did like that the site made it easy for you to sign-up your business, which is more than I can say for the next website on this list.

4. Live Local Search – We all love to hate Microsoft, but they really make it easy to hate them when they show no clear path in being able to list your company. I finally found the sign-up but it took me watching a youtube tutorial before I found it. Yes, having it under webmaster might seem intuitive, but when it’s next to Advertise than it suddenly does not become so clear. Anyway, Mat shares Google and Yahoo Local Search and I figured I would share the runt of the search engine pack to sum up the big three local search.

5. Kosmix -I learned about this search engine from a CNET article I read this morning. It’s got a ton of funding and already receives 11 million visitors a month to it. I found it interesting that if you wanted to add your website you had to email them (kosmixpartners@kosmix.com). I can’t imagine that lasting too long if they get really big.

Here are my additions to Mat’s stellar post. I plan on trying out all of Mat’s suggestions and mine in the very near future, and I will keep you posted. If anyone has tried these sites or has more websites to add let me know. ~Paul W.

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