Google Has Penalized Themselves

by Paul Wilson


googlolopoloy(click on the links to see the top 100 google results)

My good friend over at The Flaming Monkey Nostrils Blog (you’ve got to love blog names these days) brought this to my attention about 20 minutes ago. He had me do a search for “google keyword tool” and doesn’t show up. I always use the google keyword tool and usually type in “keyword tool,” since they always rank #1. However, when I did a search they did not show up.

I then tried google translate, google labs, google analytics, google maps, and google earth. Not one had the dot com show up. The dot uk or dot org might show up but never the dot com. The real kicker was when I did a search for just Google and only the dot org showed up in the top 100 results. I can only imagine that google’s own algorythm has penalized its very own domain. That’s a big fat FAIL on Google’s part!

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