Understanding Viralness? Virality? Viralosity?

by Paul Wilson


I am not sure if it is viralness, virality, or viralosity, but lately I have been thinking a lot of what it takes to make a video go viral. I’ve seen how the Will It Blend campaign has done wonders for BlendTec. However, at PubCon many of the speakers spoke out against trying to game your own viral video, because it rarely works, and if it does the traffic earned isn’t quality traffic (usually look-e-lous). I am not sure I agree, but I personally have no experience in generating a viral video.

I have created several viral websites (example 1, 2), and know that a lot of the popularity comes from current events. That is why viral attempts like the below video from corporate America in my opinion rarely work.

YouTube Preview Image

However, I do believe it is possible to do viral campaigns and be successful with them. Seth Godin has proselyted his purple cow theory—be different, and you will see results. I just don’t think cute babies will cut it any more unless it is surrounded by hot topics like the resent proposition 8 in California.

Here’s a good youtube example of marketing campaigns being different. I also like the irony of the video taking advantage of other people’s creativity in order for the youtube video to be creative.

YouTube Preview Image

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