Ms. Draper’s 6th Grade Class

by Paul Wilson


I have the great honor everyday this week to teach marketing to Ms. Draper’s 6th grade class. Today was our first day going over all the essentials: web safety, the purpose of business, the different types of business, goals, and of course blogging. My hopes for this class is to show that anyone can make money on the web—yes, even at the age of 11 and 12. Also, I will be having the kids coming on my blog and leaving comments. If you have any pearls of wisdom you want to teach please don’t hesitate. Below are the topics we covered in class and what the kids had to say about them.

What type of business can you do?

  1. Mow lawns
  2. Lemonade Stand
  3. Baby Sit
  4. Shovel Snow
  5. Pull Weeds

How can you protect yourself from going to bad sites on the Internet?

  1. Internet Blocker
  2. Have parental controls
  3. Don’t talk to people you don’t know

Tips which Paul recommends on how you can be safe on the Internet.

  1. Have a list of safe sites that your parents approve of
  2. Go to Google and then type in the website in the search bar
  3. Let someone know you are on the Internet
  4. Have the computer in a visible place.

Why do business?

  1. Just for fun
  2. To create a good life
  3. Gain more knowledge
  4. To buy stuff you need and want

Something new that you learned today.

  • A blog stands for a web log, and it’s where you can type stuff on a website and have someone respond.

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