How To Keep Your Blog Alive

by Paul Wilson


identy-theftI still have several blogs that are on WordPress 2.6.1. Recently, I received the following notification from my host:

“Please note that versions of WordPress older than 2.6.5 have known vulnerabilities and can be potentially exploited to deface your website (or any under the same user account), send spam, run phishing scams, or similarly detrimental (and possibly illegal) activity.”

“The current version of WordPress (available at or via DreamHost’s One-Click feature) is 2.7. It is important that you update WordPress as soon as possible to secure your sites. If these are old or unused copies of WordPress, please remove them from the server or move them out of the active domain directory.”

I got into a discussion with two of my friends about the email. We were trying to understand why people were motivated to hack a site. One friend suggested that people were motivated by three things: Money, Power, and Fame.

Obviously, people hacking WordPress are definitely in it for the power. The power they have over your site. Money could also be a motivator, since they could use your blog to spam the universe (which I guess ties into fame as well…or maybe infamous).

I looked at why I am so motivated to start all over again in the blogosphere. Why do I keep writing? I do find great satisfaction in teaching people (fame), but I also learned from my old blog that blogging is one of the best tools for networking (money). There is no doubt that having my beliefs and wisdom influence the minds of my readers (power) also pushes me to blog on a Tuesday evening instead of going home.

Yet, even with all that I believe that the blogosphere is littered with blogs that lost motivation. They started out strong but over the long months the vision of money, power, and fame disapated.

I came across an article that I think can help your blog not be ranked among the many blog graves out there. The article, actually, has nothing to do with blogging. Instead, the article is about exercise. The catchy title is: The bare minimum amount of exercise you need to stay healthy (it’s less than you think!).

I actually asked several people what they thought the bare minimum exercise was to stay healthy. Most of the answers were 2 to 3 hours a week. Believe it or not, the article shows research which proves that the minimum amount of rigourous exercise you need a week is 7 minutes. That’s right, I said 7 minutes a week, not a day.

I found this fascinating since I don’t exercise at all (which is going to change). I also found it fascinating to how it correlates really well to blogging or affiliate marketing. I think more people would have an active blog or affiliate site if they only felt they need to do 7 minutes a week on it.

However, the catch of the article is that you have to do 7 minutes of arduous exercise. Oftentimes, I have caught myself of just playing around on my blog. Tinkering with plugins or trying out new themes. Both activities can be good but don’t give the real meat to the blog—content.

Content is what kills most blogs. People just don’t want to take the time to sit down and write. I know I am quite guilty of this blogging sin. However, as much as many people may disdain creating content it really is the exercise that keeps your blog healthy.

Anyway, this post went in an unintended direction. I originally was going to talk about how to combat WordPress hackers. However, fighting off power/money/fame hungry hackers doesn’t matter if you haven’t at least done the bare minimum in keeping your blog healthy! Happy Blogging (even if it is only for 7 minutes)! ~Paul W.

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