WordPress Plugin—WordTravel

by Paul Wilson


Compatible with WordPress 2.5 through 2.7.1

WordTravel was built with the sunPress plugin in mind. The sunPress plugin helps manage holiday websites by utilizing sunshine.co.uk’s travel affiliate program. Basically, by combining both plugins you have a powerful holiday website that also has the ability to highlight special deals like no other travel website on the web.

Even though WordTravel was built as a supporting plugin for sunPress you can also use WordTravel independently from all plugins for your own purposes. We wanted WordTravel to be a nice compliment for any travel blog or site.

Alex Girard’s Available For Hire plugin was the inspiration for WordTravel. However, these two plugins are very different. First, we have added more functionality to WordTravel, so that you can easily make it work with your website. Second, the plugin is a lot easier to customize. We added the ability to link your icons to any internal or external web page and we made it so that you could add text to the icons (though most of the icons don’t take much imagination to figure out what they represent). The most obvious difference is that WordTravel is specifically geared towards the traveling industry.

You can see an example of WordTravel in action on my development site: mytestsite.com/sunpress. You can also read more about the process of creating WordTravel on this post.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download WordTravel and then upload the entire WordTravel folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your domain.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. You can customize the plugin under Settings —>WordTravel.

Screen Shots

Using WordTravel With sunPress

Sunshine.co.uk has several themes you can download off of their website to work with sunPress. However, there is a glitch in these themes that makes WordTravel incompatible with them. We fixed all the three themes so that they work great with WordTravel. The updated themes are located below for your downloading.

Possible Issue

As per wordpress coding standards, there needs to be a function call in footer.php like the following: <?php wp_footer(); ?>. Plugins hook to this function when they want to add code to the theme footer. If you activate WordTravel and find that it is not showing up on your website most likely you are missing this function (as was the case with the sunPress themes).


Here’s the legal jargon to protect myself. Really WordTravel is a basic plugin. However, I have learned in the past that when you release free stuff to the masses you never know what people will do with it. So, this plugin is provided as-is. Use of this plugin will be at your own risk. No guarantees or warranties are made, direct or implied. While I have made a good-faith attempt to introduce no security flaws, I accept no liability for damages or downtime incurred from its use. I have made the source available, and you are welcome to test it for insecurities. By using this plugin it implies agreement to these conditions.


WordTravel is released under the GPL—Compatible Free Software Licenses.

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