$100 Challenge

by Paul Wilson


Today, without planning it, I issued to Ms. Draper’s class the $100 challenge. What this challenge entails is finding a single word in the dictionary that is not already owned as a dot com. Example: elephant is in the dictionary, if you find that nobody owns www.elephant.com I will pay everyone on that team $100 (by the way, Ms. Draper’s students www.elephant.com is a safe site to visit).

Here are the rules:

1. The only website you can visit to find out if this word is availible is www.whois.net. If you violate this rule you are disqualified. I am not making this rule to trick you, I just know that this is a safe site.

2. This challenge expires when the first team finds a word that is not registered.

3. The dictionary to check your word against is www.dictionary.com.

4. To figure out if nobody owns a dot com you go to www.whois.net and type in the very first field that says, “WHOIS Lookup.” Just type in the word and don’t add dot com to it.

5. You can only find dot coms for single words. Example: www.elephant.com works, but www.PaulTheElephant.com does not.

6. No foreign, scientific, or archaic/extinct words.

The way you know if nobody owns the domain :

No match found for ‘elephant.com’.

Please click here to register it.

Of course, instead of elephant.com it will be the word that you put in.

If there is anything other than what was put up above the domain has been bought.


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