The Unchosen Plugin

by Paul Wilson


trash-canSo, almost a month after’s plugin contest I finally heard a response concerning my plugin submission—no. Actually, it wasn’t quite so direct, below is the response:

“Hi Guys,
apologies for the delay! Joost and I decided to make the eventual winner work harder for their prize, so we asked a couple of the entrants to go back and take their ideas to the point where we can release them. If we haven’t contacted you yet, I’m afraid you are out of the running, but many thanks for having a go! We expect to announce the winner and launch the plugin/theme in a week or so.”

I didn’t hear from them, so I am out. I do understand not winning the contest, WordTravel was a very basic plugin. However, I do have plans on expanding WordTravel to a more versatile plugin, so keep a watch for some upcoming releases. I wish’s plugin finalists the best in the refining of their plugin/theme! ~Paul W.

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