What We Need To Do!

by Paul Wilson


I apologize to Ms. Draper’s students. I promised them that I would blog yesterday about the words which were disqualified for the $100 challenge. I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t had the bandwidth to go through all the words again, but don’t worry I will get it up shortly (hopefully today).

However, I need to let my readers know how amazing these kids are. Yesterday was my fourth day teaching Internet marketing and business to this class, and I am amazed at how bright and amazing these kids are. I have pushed them to think differently and to dream bigger. The things that these kids share with me are simply outstanding!

So here’s my challenge to marketers and business people alike: GET INVOLVED! Go to your local school and ask if you can teach about what you do or just volunteer your time to help. I think all to often in my profession we get caught up in our endeavors to be successful. Yet, what could be more successful then helping kids get on the right path of being responsible and upstanding adults.

As I learn more about these kids, I am surprised at exactly the challenges they face. Case in point, yesterday we talked about how to always dream and be different. To illustrate my idea I took them to my favorite music website Pandora.com. I wanted to show the class how someone has taken a mainstream idea—music—and made it better by being different. I’ve used this site for years and have been quite impressed with it.

At the end of class we had a few minutes and I told them that they could listen to the music on Pandora if it was okay with Ms. Draper. I was a bit taken back when Ms. Draper said that they could listen to the music IF it was appropriate music. Here are 11 and 12 year old kids having to make a decision between whether they want to listen to good or bad music. I share this experience because we have a choice to make with the rising generation. Either we provide strong and moral role models or the media will step in with the filth on the streets.

There are a lot of good causes in the world, and I know we can’t do all of them. However, as I’ve taught and watched this class of 23 kids, I’ve realized that there really is no greater thing we can do than help those who will inherit our mistakes become better than us! ~Paul W.

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