Winners Decided

by Paul Wilson


I know that it has almost killed Ms. Draper’s 6th graders to have to wait until today to find out the winner of the $100 challenge, but it has been tough on us deciding which word is the final qualifier. Honestly, we went back and forth on this one. After much heated debate we did finally unanimously decide on the winner. However, we are not going to announce it to the rest of world, until we first announce it the class.

Yet, if we ever decide to do this challenge again here are some lessons learned:

1) We need to define scientific better. Many of our arguments for who should receive the prize came from not having a clear definition of what science is. Should geology, biology, and herbology be included into the rule of no scientific words—tough, really tough.

2) However, probably the biggest struggle we had was over a word that really didn’t have a definition. The only way to get a definition was to use a derivative of another word. This was difficult because we wondered if it should count (and some of us still haven’t resolved this).

3) If we were to do this over again, we would spread the wealth a little more evenly. We realized that there were many people who did try for the $100 but this afternoon will only walk away with $5. Quite the disparity between the two monetary amounts! Yet, when I was in 6th grade I would of loved having someone give me $5, so we are not losing too much sleep over it.

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