Winners Announced

by Paul Wilson


jump02c.jpgYesterday we announced the winners of the $100 Challenge for Ms. Draper’s 6th grade class. Below are the winners. I am not sure if I will do this again. I really hated to see the faces of the kids that didn’t get the $100. There wasn’t much I could do, I wish I had unlimited supply of funds to pay equally every student who put there heart into the contest.

Though, I should note that every student who did try didn’t go empty handed. Out of 27 students there were really only about a dozen who tried and received money for their efforts. Over a weeks time I gave out close to $400 in prizes and money. As one parent wrote me, “I would **have** loved having someone give me $5…” (by the way, if you wrote me this I only received half of your letter, please feel free to resubmit it to me). I would have to agree with this parent, and that is why I gave away money to the kids. At their age I would have done anything, short of selling my soul (and that is even questionable), to make any money.

I want all of Ms. Draper’s students know that if I could, I would have paid every student who put in effort a $100. I was impressed with your efforts in seeing what words were available in the dictionary. I hope that you will remember the different lessons we learned this last week about how to start living your dreams today.

Team Hicpochee
Winning Word: Opprobry

Runner Ups
Team ‘The Sport Crib’
Qualified Word: Volborthite

Qualified Words: Herbiferous, Heriotable
Notes: It should be noted that this was the most active team in the class. They found six words which were available. Plus, they also won the award for what I feel was the best word, “soporous.” If they read this post and contact me I will purchase this name for them (if someone hasn’t already bought it due to me blogging about it).

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