Another Tool In The Fight Against Viruses!

by Paul Wilson


computer-virusSo, last week was a frustrating week. For the first time in 10 years I received a virus on my computer. The virus was so nasty that I had to completely re-image my hard drive. Then the very next day, as I was trying to install all my programs, I got another virus. This time I had to put in a brand new hard drive. Thankfully, I was able to recover all my content but for security I changed all my passwords.

Now, last night I think another virus may have hit me. For some reason I get a window coming up now and then trying to pull a pdf file from a chinese site. The actual string is: Let me tell you how frustrating all this.

My biggest concern is that I do all my bills and banking online. I was telling a friend about this and he recommended a free keystroke encryption software on called Blue Gem. I have now downloaded this on my computer and my wife’s. It won’t stop the virus from infecting my computer but it will stop them from accessing personal information.

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