Network of Creativity

by Paul Wilson


When I was first introduced to the Internet in 1995 I remember feeling that I was being shown one of the coolest inventions ever. As time passed the Internet integrated into my life and I no longer was awed by what the web had to offer anymore. Email became a way of life, and the Internet moved more and more to being my profession than something of sincere amazement.

However, in the last year I feel like I felt back in 1995. The Internet is moving and growing at a speed I have never seen with any other innovation. However, I don’t know what is moving faster, the Internet or the demand for everything that the Internet offers. Since, we have come to rely heavily on the Internet in our everyday lives (I purchase my groceries through the web), we have demanded more and more from this network of creativity. Amazingly enough, not only has the Internet met our demands, often times it has exceeded our expectations.

As I began writing this post my intentions were to tell you about a website my brother introduced me to ( is a very cool website for those who love free), yet, I began to see that my excitement for the site had to deal more with my deeper enthusiasm for what I am beholding on the web. I write news for a podcasting site called, and due to this I constantly have my finger on the pulse of the Internet. Let me tell you that this pulse is a raging river of imagination and creativity. We are experiencing an age that will rival what we saw in the 90’s. Hold on to your hats and keyboards, because we are going to get a show with technology that history has never seen before, and we will have to thank largely the Internet for this spectacular show!

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