Blog Dating in the Flesh… ;)

by Paul Wilson


linds03.jpgI have been informed that to make this official, there must be a blog entry. So, here goes—My name is Lindsay, and I am currently typing on Paul’s site from the computer on the eighth floor of a miscellaneous office, in a miscellaneous building. Time is 11:31pm. Those details are not important. What is important is that Sir Blog Geek is at my side, and this is, officially, a blog date.

How inventive, you may think to yourself. What a novel idea. A date, and a blog, all rolled into one! But perhaps it is not so original…

My mother is currently teaching my little brother about a phenomenon in childhood development. It is called “parallel play.” It is the point at which two children are playing side by side, doing what they would normally be doing on their own, but in the same space.

What is a blog if it is not simply an enormous parallel play? You may say, “Lots of things,” but that would disappoint me. A blog is an enormous parallel play.

But Paul and I are growing up. Here we are—I am blogging, he is watching me blog. Same play. We have arrived. Another portal into the realm of dating.

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