How Can My Title be Better than Her Title?

by Paul Wilson


paul01.jpgThat last post was just for Lindsay’s benefit, now for the real post! I wonder if this is a historic moment in the development of the Internet. Is this the first official blog date? I am not sure, however, it is my first blog date.

Let me review with you our date to this point. First, I prepared myself for my encounter with the lovely Miss Lindsay by cleaning my car, grooming myself, and gargling with a considerable amount of peppermint mouthwash (a must do for all dates).

thumbdrive.jpgI knew this was going to be a memorable date, when Lindsay displayed her keys while locking her front door. Her key chain sported a nifty USB thumb drive, a must for portable blogging, or for blog dating—an unknown variable to me at the time.

What is a date with out dinner? Since Lindsay and I may be the first blog daters, I think I should set some high standards. In order to have a blog date dinner is a must (tip: Italian food seems to inspire the most creative blogging and offers great leftovers for the actual blog).

We have now entered into the present. Lindsay blogged, I’m blogging. Two people who barely know each other, sharing intimate blogging moments. What a “fantastic” world we live in!

Now, I wonder how blog kissing is done?

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