Blog Dating—the Next Blog Revolution

by Paul Wilson


linds.jpgYou may be a bit confused about the below posts. Particularly if you start reading at the top of the blog. To assist you, the beginning post you need to read is titled “Blog Dating in the Flesh.” Quite the scandalous title, I know.

Last night I went out with a beautiful woman who seems to have blog fever running deep in her blood. It’s actually quite interesting to see her passion for blogging, because only a short while ago I was trying to convince her of how fun blogging really is. Now I am in a hot competition with her blog to get her time, attention, and affection.

I’ve told several people about this date, and it’s really interesting to see the bewilderment that overcomes them. People start asking if we went on a date over the Internet. Well, yes, we sort of did, but she was right next to me at the same time. This answer only confuses them more so. Others have just scoffed and mocked what we did, and wonder if I am just fabricating a story to prove that I didn’t just stay home on a Friday night.

I can understand this naysaying attitude. Mainly because no one believes that there is a girl out there who would find a blogging date enticing. Believe it or not, I actually offered Lindsay other choices than blogging. In fact, I gave her three choices, and she still chose blogging over anything else. I know, I know she’s definitely one-in-a-million girl!

You may be rolling your eyes in disgust at this new blogging revolution. Or you may just assume that we fall in the same category as the Star War freaks who wait in line, in full costume, months before the actual Star Wars movie comes out.

You might be right in your assumptions and accusations against Lindsay and me. However, I just cannot but wonder if dinner and blogging should be the activity which replaces the default date of a dinner and a movie. At least with blogging the mystery of whether I should hold her hand is solved—since her hands are needed else where!

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