Water Cooler Web Marketing

by Paul Wilson


© Photographer: Cameronc | Agency: Dreamstime.com

I found the above graphic and I really liked it. It’s playing off of the ol’ water cooler politics idea. However, it also gives me the opportunity to talk about the importance of taking advantage of the Presidential Election as a web marketer.

I learned when I was working on the hurricanes in 2005 that current events drive interest on the web. It didn’t matter how amazing your product or service was during September to December of 2005. If it didn’t have to do with the hurricanes it was hard for the public to be interested.

Of course, when we are dealing with such devastating disaster it should be this way. Yet, I also noticed this with the OJ Simpson publicity in the mid to late 90’s. Public events play a large role in public interests.

Recognizing this as a marketer is important. Though, I pause here to say that there is a fine line between a good marketer and a gold digger. I had the misfortune of meeting individuals of the latter with Katrina, who were taking advantage of those in need. These type of people saw that there was a demand and tried to capitalize off it (in fairness though, I saw much more altruistic than capitalist efforts during this chaotic time).

poli02.jpgWith this in mind, I want to turn to the current Presidential race. If you haven’t noticed this is going to be, and is, a hot subject. My predictions—without disclosing my own affiliation—is that Hillary Clinton is going to win the vote of the Democrat party and announce Barack Obama as her Vice President.

Depending on how clean the primaries are between these two candidates, where no ill will is developed, they could be a powerhouse. If this were to happen I don’t believe that the Republicans really have a chance for the White House. There would really have to be a serious mess-up on Clinton’s and Obama’s side for them to lose. However, it really is anyones guess.

So how does this pertain to you as an online marketer? Well if you haven’t already started putting together a political web project you should. My partner and I have for the last three months been working on a web 2.0 political site that should really spice things up. Whether we can gain enough interest so late in the game is anyone’s guess, but we would be foolish to not try.

I recently heard that 80% of Internet users get their political ideas from the web. If this statistic is true—which who knows—you might want to deploy some affiliate marketing campaigns around the political buzz. People are hungry for information, so why not be the one who provides it.

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