Chris Cannon Web 2.0

by Paul Wilson



Right now I am at a small meeting at the University of Utah with Utah Congressman, Chris Cannon. I was invited to be a part of a unique idea called Politic2.0. We are in a computer lab where we are asking questions in real time. Then everyone on the web and in the room electronically vote on the questions that they want Congressman Cannon to answer.

You have to have at least 5 votes to make it to the list of questions that get answered. Both my partner, Janet, and I have been able to get questions that Congressman Cannon has answered. My questions were, “What is your policy towards Internet Pornography?,” and “Gay Marriage! How do you propose to offer a balance with the gay community.” Janet’s question was, “How are you using the internet in your campaign?” (so far Janet’s question has the most votes on the site with 10).

I have had the opportunity to work with Chris a few years ago on Internet pornography, and really wasn’t that impressed. We had a meeting at his office and he felt the best solution to deal with International Web pornography was to create a militant task force whose job would be to nuke the servers of those doing child pornography. This hyper aggressiveness came from a pornographer high-jacking and turning it into a porn site. I will give Congressman Cannon credit on being aggressive but not necessarily realistic.

However, I am surprised to see in this meeting how much more tech savvy he is than what he was 3 years ago. Though, I can’t give him complete coo-does because he has done absolutely nothing with his website and doesn’t plan to do anything for at least a few more months. Janet followed up with him about blogging and twitter. He said that he had done a little blogging and he had no idea what twitter was (though I know that the Democrats do).

Yet, after all my venting is done I offer applauds for him taking on this risky venture. It’s not easy offering an open forum for anyone to ask questions. Also, I give him a pat on the back for being progressive thinking in his approach to Considering that there wasn’t a large crowd for visibility it made me feel that he really is trying to see what’s out there on the horizon, and not just grabbing some extra votes.

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