Web Marketing God…in!

by Paul Wilson


seth_godin.jpgThis is exciting news! I am part of a street team who is pushing hard to get Seth Godin to come to Utah on May 24th. The only way we can get him to lock in SLC is if we can get 500 people to commit to pay $50 by this coming Monday (quick I know but we can do it). This is for his book tour to promote his new book, “The Dip – A Little Book that Teaches you When to Quit (and when to Stick).”

Click Here to see how you can be sure to get Seth Godin to come to Salt Lake City. What makes this very interesting is that a lot of different states are competing for him to come. The nice thing though, is that he has lowered his speaking fee, but only for a short while (does that sound like a used car sales pitch or what!).

If you don’t know Seth you are seriously missing out. In my mind he is the marketing god of the web. I just read his free ebook “Flipping the Funnel.” Believe me that you will not want to miss him. Seth used to be the VP of Yahoo when they purchased his company that focused on viral marketing.

Seth is using a great marketing tactic to get his books distributed. With your $50 you will get 5 copies of his book. 1 to keep, 4 to give away. This is a brilliant strategy in getting the word out. This may truly has a gift in making everything he touches turn to marketing gold!

I express my deep reverence and gratitude to Phil801 for organizing the effort to get Seth to come to Utah.

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