Seth’s email

by Paul Wilson


I just noticed that Janet posted the email that Seth sent her. So I have it below.

P.S. I just got done harassing Janet for stealing my Seth Godin picture, idea (getting the networking community involved), and my verbage (I talked about “the mothership” to her last night). It’s a good thing that I don’t mind my partner stealing pieces of my brain! No really it’s always a compliment when Janet feels me worthy to quote or steal!

Seth Godin’s words:

seth_godin_purpletie.jpg I’m trying something new this May.

Usually, when authors tour, they trudge from bookstore to bookstore…Well, I love to do speaking gigs, but rarely get the chance to do events that are open to the public and relatively inexpensive.

Here’s the deal. In each city I’m able to get to, if you buy 5 books (in advance), you get to come hear me give a speech for free. OR, if you prefer to think of it differently, if you pay $50 to hear me speak, you get five books for free.

Why five books? So you’ll give four away. That’s why I wrote the book. So you would buy copies and give them away. You register online, you pay in advance, you’re guaranteed a seat and you’re guaranteed your copies, available when you show up. We can’t do refunds, because the books are a pain to move around, so please be sure you can come when you sign up.

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