linds-paulGreetings Internet dweller, and welcome to the web cubical of Paul Wilson. My professional passion and first love is blogging (absurdities and all). I used to tell people I was an internet marketer, but I have come to realize in my heart I am a blogger through and through.

Blogging does incorporate web marketing, but blogging is deeper and more meaningful than just trying to get the user to buy something. It’s about building a community of like minded people, which, for me at least, is a lot harder than building a marketing campaign and getting people to buy.

Knowing this little fact about me will give you more insight into who I am than anything else. However, you can see more of my interests by reading the below information on the companies and projects I have worked on over the years.

Qu3stion Media – For the past several years a partner and I have been slowing growing Qu3stion Media into a successful media firm. However, we are NOT a “Full Service” media firm. We DON’T work with clients to provide online branding, search engine optimization, niche market content creation, video production, web design, development or any type of consulting. We are skilled in all these areas, and in past times have provided such services and more. Yet, we found that we are more successful (and happier) working on our own in-house projects. This actually allows us to move beyond just being a media firm, and become an entity of creativity and fun, encouraging us to chase after our many dreams without fear or reluctance.

MyMarketer – Starting in 2001 I did consulting under the name of MyMarketer. However, early in 2006 I started a predecessor to Qu3stion Media and turned MyMarketer into my professional marketing blog. A couple years later I sold MyMarketer to an insurance affiliate company to help finance my wedding (a decision I never regretted). Yet, for sometime I went without a voice on the web, but as fate would have it I was given back MyMarketer at the beginning of 2009. I think the insurance company realized that MyMarketer was much more suited for marketing than for insurance. I completely rebranded mymarketer into a blog that provides “fruitful web marketing” advice and try to be as active of a blogger on it as my schedule will permit.

KatrinaHousing.org – Probably the most difficult project I’ve taken on to date (which is saying something). I was brought on to launch an aggressive web marketing campaign to generate housing for the 2005 hurricane survivors. With an amazing team we were able to generate over 200,000 beds for those displaced by the three hurricanes. We also were able to find over 100,000 people transitional housing while they waited for FEMA to get organized. Here is an article by MarketingSherpa.com that goes more in detail about our efforts.

TheFight.net – The point of this project was to aggressively fight Internet pornography. Our efforts were mainly focused on trying to stop people from being exposed to questionable sites that they didn’t want to see. From both traditional and web marketing techniques we were able to help Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) pass the Child Abduction Prevention Act and The Child Obscenity and Pornography Prevention Act of 2003.

CityNet Systems – I created this company in college with three of my close friends (Becky Tate, John Benson, and Logan Clark). We gained recognition by taking 1st place in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. We implemented our computer networking system into three apartment complexes our first year. We also received the Wayne Brown Institute Award and the Award of Excellence from the Mountain West Venture Group, which awarded us the best business plan of the year and helped us win a consulting package worth $20,000. It was this company that helped really launch my career in web marketing. CityNet Systems lives on today with one of the partners, John Benson, as AirWired.

University Degrees – I have my undergrad degree in philosophy, and my masters in Information Technology. Many people are surprised to see such a diverse combination of schooling. When I started college I was completely immersed in running my first marketing business, and I needed to have a change up from work to school. Working on my philosophy degree gave me a fresh approach and mindset with the marketing I did during the day. Yet, after graduation I quickly noticed the value of having a technical skill. I learned some on my own, but my masters offered a much deeper understanding (and appreciation) for technology and eBusiness in general. The combination of both degrees have provided a colorful and fun career in marketing. I would like to go back for my Ph.D. in Advertising, but I think my wife is quite done with my schooling ;).