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The Decline of Exact Match Domains

by Paul Wilson

The Decline of Exact Match Domains

For the last several years exact match domains have been the gold of SEO. You could buy one and with relative ease rank the domain on that exact keyword. So, if you had and were selling stone garden turtles than it was somewhat easy to rank on the keyword stone garden turtles. However, if you bought than it meant more work in gaining organic traffic on the exact keyword.

Recently, I have seen a shift with Google that suggests that exact domains have lost much of their SEO value. At the same time, I have also noticed that the usual links I have been acquiring are not as powerful. To confirm my suspicions I reached out to SEOMoz and asked their opinion on the matter.

SEOMoz’s Answer
There appear to be changes happening a lot lately with Google SERPs. In particular, I’ve noticed changes in the ranking of exact match domains. I think this is because of Google trying to take action against thin affiliate sites who buy exact match keyword domains and ranked very easily with few links and poor content. So I think they’ve been tweaking the algorithm a bit to try and solve the problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are seeing changes in SERPs because of this.

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